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Brewzy? What The Heck Is A Brewzy?

What is a Brewzy you ask?

Brewzy ® or Brewzies is our trademarked name for drink insulators displayed on our website http://logoit.com/Category/beer-cozies. I’ve had customers call them Brewzy koozies but that is not quite right since KOOZIE ® is actually a brand of Norwood Promotional Products (a subsidiary of Bic ®).

Our brewzies fit all kinds of drink containers such as cans, beer bottles, growler bottles http://logoit.com/Category/beer-cozies/growler-cozies, pint glasses http://logoit.com/Category/beer-cozies/pint-glass-cozies, solo cups, coffee cups & wine bottles. Not only do they keep your beer cold but a Brewzy® also keeps your coffee & tea hot since, well, they are insulators!

For a little background, the whole idea of insulating a drink started in England with, naturally of course, their hot tea. The English referred to them as a tea cosy (American English: tea cozy) which was an insulated cover placed around their china tea pots. According to Wikipedia, the first documented use of a tea cozy dates back to 1867 in Britain to most likely the Duchess of Bedford.

Now, let’s fast-forward a good hundred plus years to Austin, TX to see how this all fits together.

My father had a gift of being able to create short brand names that were descriptive of products. Many years ago, I gave him the challenge to create a brand for our insulators. Literally within a matter of a couple minutes, he verbally brainstormed the following string of words “let me think…cold beer, iced coffee & tea, hot coffee & tea…a cozy…you brew beer…you brew coffee…I’ve got it, are you ready for it?…Brewzy…you’ve got your name.” All of us who had been racking our brains for weeks with a small list of uncreative names couldn’t believe our ears. He combined the 2 words “brew” and “cozy”. How simple. Pure genius. Why didn’t we think of that? My Dad who wasn’t known for his humbleness replied in a humorously conceded tone “You shouldn’t have been asking a bunch of amateurs & called me first.” I laughed as I had to humbly agree. I still remember that call as if it was yesterday. My Dad is no longer with us but his legacy & our memories of him continue!

Thanks for your interest in this story & I hope it brought you a little smile.

Jim Dobbin- Logo It® & Brewzy® owner